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Grimaldi Staffing

Sr. Software Engineer (Full Stack, BackEnd Focus)


This company is a well-funded start-up company in the Medical Diagnostics market. the company's platform will revolutionize the market by bringing our diagnostic system to doctors’ offices and clinics, providing convenience to the patient with timely results. As a member of the Software and Informatics team, you will be a key member designing and developing software for our platform.

Our Team

The Software team is responsible for the cloud implementation that the instruments will interface with securely, storing and processing these data and presenting these data to users on an installable application. Additionally, our team is tasked with integrating other business tools into our system as well as enabling integration with electronic medical record systems. As a team, we’ve embraced serverless architectures, de-coupling services wherever possible and enabling scalability and high availability.

Our Stack

Our application is developed using ReactJS/Redux and ElectronJS, with a backend that utilizes various AWS services (RDS, EC2, SQS, SNS, ELB, API-GW, Lambda, Cognito, Cloudwatch, S3, etc) and Django/Python Docker containers as well as NodeJS based microservices. Our databases are predominantly AWS’ RDS Postgres and are adopting Elasticache for high performance.

This position

As a full-stack Sr. Software Engineer you’ll be heavily involved in the development of applications and platforms that enable physicians and other healthcare professionals manage patient medical reports using the latest in backend-frontend design paradigms. Given the full-stack nature of this position, you will have an intimate grasp of the system architecture and be a resource for other engineers on the team and at times shifting development across front-end through to back-end.

Role & Responsibilities

You would join us in building out new features on this application, review architectural plans and support front-end and back-end development and integration points, coordinate testing with the QA team and mentor software engineers as we build the team. As an engineer with visibility on both FE and BE you will play a significant role in roadmapping integration with additional toolsets (built in-house as well as third parties). You will have an intimate knowledge of the entire infrastructure and write and review code that affects every part of the product. As a seasoned professional, you will ensure development best practices are applied, including coding standards, code reviews, unit testing, release and deployment standards, version control, and documentation.

About You

  • You are an individual passionate about using the right tool for the job, forever curious about the latest software developments and emerging design patterns
  • You believe firmly in testing and can’t imagine building without
  • Expert in ES6 JavaScript development (FE and Node) skills with experience in writing modular, object-oriented code
  • Previous experience with ReactJS or Angular, Node, Babel, Webpack and related technologies
  • Understand the fundamentals of database design and optimization
  • Have had experience in working across a full stack in production
  • Strong grasp of semantic HTML, modular CSS, ES6 standards, responsive design, asynchronous and non-blocking UI approaches
  • Write clear and thorough API documentation, as well as review documentation and code written by others
  • Intimately familiar with Software Development Lifecycle, including Agile/Scrum methodologies Aware of the latest web technology developments and trends with a keen understanding of the tradeoffs in order to provide insights into how they may fit into our software strategy

Other skills and experience:

  • A BS/MS in Computer Science (or equivalent experience) with at least 6+ years’ relevant industry experience
  • Experience with RDMS, NoSQL and In-Memory data stores
  • Experience with unit testing library like Mocha and JEST
  • Experience with AWS or any similar cloud computing platforms
  • IVD software development and healthcare regulatory standards (e.g., IEC62304)
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