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Senior Software Engineer-Confidential

Position Overview

Extraordinary opportunity that truly achieves professional growth and work/life balance.
Highly competitive compensation and benefits.
Collaborative, collegial team environment.

The Senior Software Engineer (SSE) is a leading advocate for advancing the company’s market proposition of developing quality software whose functionality exceeds customers’ expectations. S/He is a prolific full-stack developer and coding guru that supports the IT Director and the C-Suite with managing the department’s daily operations, executing long and short-term strategic initiatives and software development projects as assigned, within a matrix organizational structure. The SSE:

  • Plays a pivotal role in assuring that QA best practices and secure coding architecture is woven throughout the fabric of our software development and product life-cycles.

  • Resolves routine programming problems and clarifies related issues and, when possible, converts them into “teachable moments” for the benefit of staff, management and clients alike.

  • The SSE stays current and in-sync with the latest industry trends, best practices and new developments. Through professional development, independent learning and research, peer engagements and professional memberships, the SSE continuously expands his/her professional skills. S/He is a departmental evangelist for the acquisition and adoption of leading-edge software development technologies that can help deliver the exceptional advantage to our product design and end-user experiences.

  • Manages and mentors lower-level programmers and IT team members to ensure the highest quality work product and professional/skill growth.

  • Assists with fostering the department’s collegial spirit and collaborative environment throughout the company and at points of engagement with the company's external audiences, including, clients and their customers, with whom the department interacts.


The SSE participates with management and the C-Suite as an active leader/stakeholder in existing and future product development and feature design as well as the management of secure software architecture. In addition to actively authoring new code, under the direction of the IT Director, the SSE also:

  • Assures optimization of UI design and the overall UX.
  • Manages QA processes, testing and oversight.
  • Reviews and approves changes to the codebase.
  • Leads the design and specification process for new product modules and features.
  • Reviews, designs and upgrades systems architecture.
  • Optimizes platform at system, database, and component levels.
  • Works with other departments and clients to identify and spec future system enhancements.
  • Assists in the research and analysis of existing systems and programming requirements to develop solutions and implement programming enhancements/fixes.

Required Skills / Qualifications

The SSE is adept at managing the software development life cycle and infrastructure support services relevant to SaaS development and production environments and is highly proficient in the design and management of software QA testing. S/He is an "ace" coder that possesses superior written and verbal communication skills along with the ability to interact with a wide range of internal and external audiences. The SSE is a “master” at identifying, analyzing and articulating both the technical and business case in a manner that promotes deeper understanding of and fosters greater creativity towards implementing optimal solutions to software development, organizational and market challenges. The SSE has:

More than 7 years’ programming experience that includes:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3/Sass/Less
  • SQL
  • Java
  • JavaScript (Including Babel/ES5/ES6/npm)
  • Java EE/JSP/Spring
  • Drafting moderate to highly complex program specifications

No less than 5 years’ experience that includes:

  • Code QA and testing
  • Mobile programming
  • Responsive Design
  • Drag and drop design technology
  • OS production server administration
  • Version control technology
  • Web service/RESTful interfaces
  • AWS, Windows, LINUX, GitHub, Spring, Agile, SCRUM

No Less than 3 years’ experience with three or more of the following:
Maven, Selenium, Jenkins, Prometheus, Grafana, JIRA

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