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Pathrise Fellowship

What is Pathrise

Pathrise(YC W18) invests in undervalued university students or young professionals by coaching them to get a competitive internship or job. The program is completely free upfront. In exchange, Pathrise fellows agree to pay back a share of their first year's salary if and only if they get hired.

Pathrise is based on insights from hundreds of hiring managers in tech; this means everyone from Google recruiters to startup CEOs. We've been featured in TechCrunch, VentureBeat, EdSurge, and The Atlantic as the "Y Combinator for your career." To date, we've worked with over 130 fellows and have helped them land offers at Facebook, Uber, Google, Oath, Amazon, and other top companies or exciting startups.

About the Fellowship

The Pathrise Fellowship is a program for students and new grads that helps you land the best job or internship possible in tech.

During the fellowship, you receive 1-on-1 mentorship from experienced industry engineers, analysts, managers, and recruiters. You learn systems to attract the attention of any company you want, find out insider information on how to ace your interviews, and more. We even directly refer you to companies in our network until you find a job you love.

Our Mission

We seek to uplift and provide guidance for undervalued students and young professionals in their early career. You can read more about our mission and how it all works on our


You are either in university or within 5 years of graduation, and interested in getting the best possible job. You want to work with an experienced advisor who can give you expert advice whether you need to learn about data structures or UI/UX patterns. You are eager to start your career with a job or internship at a top tech company or a rapidly growing startup. You want a team of advisors who will be by your side throughout the entire process, whenever you need, as long as you need.

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